April Aerial Yoga at Circle Studios Hamilton

Tuesday Nights April 9-30, 8-9pm $79,
Circle Studios Hamilton (click here to sign up!)
Main Floor @ 12 Ferguson Ave. North Hamilton, ONT, L8R 1K9

Come play + get upside down for some anti-gravity benefits! This class is a Foundational Aerial practice, where students can get comfortable in the aerial hammocks. We will focus on proper alignment, muscle engagement, strengthening body awareness, and orienting your body in space using the aerial hammock.

We will be practicing yoga in two ways; feet on the ground AND feet off the ground (with your body suspended slightly above ground level). We’ll be using the aerial hammock as a tool to help support our bodies so we can deepen our yoga postures. While practicing off the ground, we will learn some simpler inversions and aerial flow techniques allowing students to get comfortable with practicing yoga inside the hammock.

Expect a fun aerial yoga flow and to experience a full-body workout that’s enjoyable to practitioners at any level of aerial experience!