Get a free 30 minute creative strategy call so we can chat and get inspired! I love getting creative and will give you some inspiration to help you get started in re-connecting to your creativity.

Time to re-find your spark!
In this 8 week series I will give you exercises, insights, and meditations to help you reconnect to your inner child and re-ignite your creativity.
We will explore your creative medium, whether it’s visual arts, performance arts, music, or anything that makes your soul sing.
It’s time to kick that creative block to the curb and fall in love with your art again.

I’m here for you:

You get one 1-hour call each week, to check in, get inspired, and keep moving forward on your artistic journey.

  • new ideas for working with your medium
  • meditations to help you reconnect to your inner explorer
  • a printable workbook and guide to record exercises, ideas, and inspirations
  • resources for revitalizing your creative flow
  • a custom experience tailored to you and your true creative passion

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