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conscious creativity:
reignite your spark!

Is this you? 

Are you feeling pushed to make money with every little thing you do? 

Spending all your time on social media, marketing, and websites –  leaving you with no energy or motivation to be creative and actually make what you’re marketing? 

In a world that is so focused on monetizing every little bit of creativity you can muster, it’s easy to get drained of ideas, energy, and inspiration.  After all, if you can make something, you should be selling it, right? 

How many times have you shown your creative work to someone, only to have them say “you should turn that into a business!”?

It’s certainly the dream, right?  Making a livable income doing something you truly love?  The reality, however, is that it can often be much more difficult and stressful than that first sale or initial media recognition will have you believe. 

By always looking for the next saleable project, chasing the next social media algorithm, spending more time on marketing than making…it’s all too easy to get lost in the “business of things” and lose touch with your passion.  With bills to pay, it can feel impossible not to fall into the trap of productivity above creativity.  

Stress and creative passion just don’t mix.  

Stress is the nemesis of creativity – while working on a deadline can certainly be exciting and sometimes helpful, in the longer term these stresses can make it harder and harder to work from your internal passion rather than just cranking out something to make a buck.

If you’re having trouble getting motivated to create, feeling stalled, or like your artwork, music, or performance is missing that special something, it’s time to step back, reconnect to your art, and re-find your creative spark!

With over 25 years of experience in the arts and performance worlds, I can help you look at your medium in a whole new light and revitalize your connection to the artwork that you create.  It’s time to reawaken your inner child and learn to play again.

 Are you ready to re-ignite your passion and fall in love with your art again?

About Michelle: 

I was born to create.  Creativity and making things has always been an integral part of my life – as a ‘girl boss’ since the age of 10,  I have always had a deep need to physically create, and have experimented with many different media and creative modes over the years.

I’m so excited to be bringing all of my experience to you, whether you have also fallen into the bottomless pit of media and mass production,  or are just looking for a new muse and inspiration in your work.

I’m here to help you reconnect to your creative spark so your dreams and passions can once again take flight.