Get your 9 Chakra card set!

After a ton of research and many long hours of work, and some impatient waiting for the printers, my 9 Chakra Card Set is ready!

In my journey through the healing arts I wanted to create a set of shorthand notes for all the chakras so that I could have a quick reference guide to a variety of information about them whenever I wanted it.  What started as a project for myself has expanded into a series of cards for everyone thanks to the interest of my friends and studios to whom I had mentioned the project.

These cards make a great quick reference set for the 7 main chakras as well as the Soul Star and Earth Star chakras. They are ideal for beginners and experienced healing practitioners alike, and include information ranging from the sanskrit name and meaning to which body parts/organs are associated with the chakra, which crystals are affiliated with it, and helpful affirmations that are great for mediation and daily practice.

If you have any questions, or own a retail store where you would like to carry these cards, get in touch!

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