Find me at Waterloo’s Holistic Healing Fair Sunday, April 16th!

I will have a lovely table at the Waterloo Holistic Healing Fair on Sunday April 16, 2023!
It will be located at the Inn of Waterloo, 475 King St N, Waterloo, ON, and admission is FREE!

I’ll be bringing my cymatically charged dichroic glass jewellery, 9 Chakra Card Sets, and a lovely collection of truly unique 9-chakra gemstone bracelets, gemstone carvings, crystals, and more! If you have any questions about my upcoming Sound Journeys and what I do be sure to check out the show and stop by to chat!

My sound journeys and healing jewellery are created with the use of cymatics – the effect of sound waves on matter, and cymatic therapy works with sound having similar effects on the body.  Sound can truly be used a means to restructure, heal, and repair, giving it unlimited potential as a tool for healing. I personally charge every piece of my jewellery with sacred solfeggio frequencies aligned with the chakras and matched to each piece so they can be used to aid in meditation and for wearing as a resonant guide. Sound always has been, and will be, the medicine of the future.

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