Aerial Yoga Level 2 Workshop! Jan 20, 2024

Ready to fly?

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This 2 hour Level 2 aerial workshop is for anyone who has already taken a 4-week aerial yoga workshop, or aerial yoga teacher training, and wants a chance to try more advanced flows! If you love aerial yoga, and want to take your practice a little further, this workshop is for you!

Michelle brings her background as an aerial sling and silks performer to teach new movements that transition from fundamental aerial yoga practices into more advanced flows or wraps with a strong focus on safety, technique, and as always – the joy of taking flight.

The workshop starts with a gentle warm-up while reviewing muscle groups that are important to aerial movement and learning useful conditioning exercises that can also be done at home. This will lead into learning more advanced wraps that can be reached from basic flows and positions covered in the 4-week workshop series. Students will complete this two hour workshop with an even greater understanding of working with the fabric, aerial arts, and a new collection of movements to add to their future practices.

Bring your yoga mat, water bottle, and get ready to fly!

(It is highly recommended to wear or bring a top with medium to long sleeves as an additional layer for comfort)

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