Stop Chasing Algorithms

If you have a business of any kind, I’m sure you are familiar with the ever-changing landscape of the dreaded ‘social media algorithm’. Feeling like if you can just find a way to appease the monster, it could be your friend and share some meagre portion of its gold. The only problem is that it’s a mercurial beast with ever-changing wants that are almost impossible to keep up with. And who writes those requirements anyway? Who is determining those algorithms and deciding “what society wants to see”, or realistically, what they “should” be seeing? Do you really want to serve the whims of such a creature?

If you haven’t already found the never-ending chase to be exhausting, then maybe you’ve found your golden ticket and I wish you all the best. However, if you’ve ‘missed an update’ and lost track of the waving tail of the monster, or never felt like you could keep up or even find it, then let’s chat.

The truth is: you can do better. Stop begging for scraps from a monster that doesn’t care about you or your success, or even humanity in general. STOP CHASING ALGORITHMS. We don’t need them, and honestly, do you really want to be participating in a world that is a slave to such a beast? Buy what you’re told to buy, only see what you’re being allowed to see….do you trust the people making those rules? Really?

Take a deep breath. Let it go. All of it. Forget “the Internet”.

Who are you? Why do you get up in the morning? What brings you joy? What do you really want?

Big questions, to be sure, but if you stop and listen, you already know the answers. Don’t be afraid to speak them!

You are worthy of the things that bring you joy. You deserve to be happy. Does that look like ‘society’s’ idea of happiness? Honestly, I hope not! The hamster wheel checklist of a ‘normal, acceptable, life’ is a lie, and if you’re here you’ve probably figured that out already. It’s time to start living your own life, your way.

If you’re struggling to survive in a world that just no longer fits, you’re not alone.

We’re in the middle of a massive paradigm shift, where the old ways are falling apart and falling away (even though it seems like everything still revolves around them right now….the old system will fight hard to survive), and a new modality is being born. Right now, we’re sort of stuck in the middle, trying to figure out what the new way really is, and how we fit into it, while still having to interact with the old one. It’s confusing, challenging, and often frustrating.

So, how do we find our peace and wealth while navigating the chaos?

The universe exists to give us everything we want, we really are master creators of our reality! So how does it know? By every little thing you think every day you’re telling it want you want. If you don’t like the shopping list you’re providing (and the wording and fine print really do matter), then that’s the place to start. What reality are you telling yourself you live in? What reality are you building?

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