Tarot Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Time for the big reveal!

Which card did you choose? Read the descriptions below to learn more about your card, and I hope it can give you something to pause, think about, and reflect upon for the week ahead…

Left CardAce of Coins

Aces are all gifts, but this one is the luckiest of all – it is a seed containing all possibilities!  The prosperity isn’t just about money, though. It represents all physical wealth, including good health and fulfilling relationships.
Dream big and work hard – the universe is handing you a metaphoric blank check, so invest it well.

Middle card – Ten of Wands:

Taking on too many tasks and carrying such a heavy load put everything at risk of being dropped or damaged.

Re-examine you load. Either decide what can be laid aside, or figure out a better way to manage everything on your plate.

Right card VIII Strength:

There are some difficulties coming up that you may have to face. These may be from external sources or from your own shadow self. These challenges must be faced before you can move on.

Do your shadow work. Look for the parts of yourself that you have denied or deemed unworthy. Find the wounds that caused those ideas, heal the wound, and reclaim a part of yourself that you (and the world) desperately need.