What is cymatic sound healing?

What is Cymatic Sound Healing?

Cymatic sound healing is the use of cymatics – the influence of vibrations on the material world (such as water, cells, and DNA) – to restore natural balance to any energy system in the body that may be out of balance, and in so doing help the healing process. By bathing the body in specially tuned frequencies that are aligned with the highest and healthiest states, the water in the body resonates with those vibratrations, helping it to become structured, re-align, repair DNA, and to provide support to the body’s natural healing systems.

I use Pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls tuned to the seven chakras to create sound bath journeys aligned with the intentions of my guests, and offer further attunement with a special series of Solfeggio Tuning Forks for one-on-one sessions. Because of how cymatics work, these sessions can also be provided online so long as the recipient has reasonably good speakers or headphones.

The Solfeggio frequencies refer to two powerful healing energies – the elegant frequencies derived using Pythagorean mathematics and the love frequencies that emanate from the bio-field of people who have fervently chanted and sung the Solfege as praise and as prayer. The mathematically derived frequencies were recently discovered and were aligned with the ancient Solfege seed sounds, becoming a phenomenon of sound healing. The Pythagorean derived frequencies serve to align us with the sacred geometry of sound, helping our chakras to become in tune with the healing energies that are all around us and accessible through vibration.

The human body has seven major regions, each corresponding with a musical note, and so we are a living octave of ascension, a part made in the image of the whole. This octave of sound is represented by the Solfege seed sounds DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA, and TI. Correctly annunciating the seed sounds while singing or chanting stimulates the chakras and harmonizes us with the order, balance, and beauty of the universe, filling the aura or etheric light of the bio-field with love frequencies. This is the power of the Solfege.

The Love Frequencies are qualities like joy, inspiration, compassion, longing for the beloved, hopefulness, and good will. Whatever system of beliefs you have, this is a very healthy energy dynamic that can promote effective communication, foster a healthy dialog within yourself, or help you connect with the higher energies as you imagine them to be, such as the angelic realm, the quantum nature of the universe, or the guides of the spirit world.

If you believe in the transcendent power of love, those energies can be accessed from any distance and from any time. This is the same philosophy as Reiki and Distance Healing. If you subscribe to this philosophy, it is your natural potential as a living being in the universe, a living octave of ascension, uplifting yourself and others with the message of love. For thousands of years, people have sung and chanted sacred sounds, connecting them with the love frequencies. The love frequencies are all around and within us, as beauty and order, and in our friendships and love relationships. It can also manifest as a connection with the universe or creator, mental insight, healing energy, wisdom for spiritual advancement, and supreme compassion.

As a sound healing practitioner, I access these healing energies while creating sound baths with my crystal bowls, and through the use of my tuning forks. This can enhance the potential for healing. The seed sounds stir the chakras or wheels into moving together as one to convey vital energy through the body.

As the main Solfeggio frequencies for the seven chakras were rediscovered, two additional sacred frequencies were mathematically derived years later:

The first hidden frequency SKY 174 Hz, is associated with the sacred sound AH. The SKY can be thought of as the breath of life that breathes creation into existence first with the sound AH. Think of something that you love more than anything any in the world, or something that you found to be so beautiful, or a selfless act that moved you to tears, and feel the outpouring of this energy in the heart chakra as the sound AHHHH.

If you practice tuning into the sound and energy of AH, you can connect with a profoundly loving energy. It instantly relaxes you and changes your vibration, fostering gratitude and acceptance. Using this sacred sound is a way to align oneself with the universe to naturally manifest healing. It is a guiding and protective energy, and through the intelligence and processing power of the heart chakra, knows where we are on the path and what steps we need to take.

The next frequency is LAND 285 Hz and it is associated with OM, the sound of creation. LAND is the earth, physical creation, and so its energy is very grounding, and like the earth it is the strength and foundation of our energy system. Also known as the Primal Root Chakra, UT 285 HZ, is deeply rooted into this level of reality. We connect with it when we are drawn to be out in nature, to be in harmony with the energy of the earth. Advanced practitioners recite OM for its effectiveness at quieting the mind, relaxing the body, and dissolving the constructs of the mind to experience oneness. OM is associated with many reports of profound healing, awakening, and spiritual development. Mentally reciting OM while applying the tuning fork can help you infuse its vibration into the sound healing. As with all of the Solfege seed sounds, it is healing to both the healer and the recipient of the sound healing.

The Solfege was associated with many healing benefits for those who chanted and sung them. Each culture has their own versions of these ancient syllables and they are often associated with profound healing and spiritual development. Current scientific explorations by brilliant people like Dr. Masaru Emoto and others have clearly demonstrated that these frequencies truly do influence the very substance of the world around us.

I will be making further posts about how this relates to the very words we speak too (in our minds and verbally) and how they powerfully influence our health and well-being.

The 9 frequencies and healing benefits associated with The Solfeggio Series of Tones:

SKY (AH) 174 Hz – relieves both physical and energetic pain, great for removing toxins and EM radiation from the body’s cells.
LAND (OM) 285 Hz – rejuvenates our mind, body, and energy levels, stimulates the third eye and dissolves energetic blockages, improves our well-being and overall health.
UT 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear, turning grief into joy.
RE 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change.
MI 528 Hz – Transformation and DNA Repair.
FA 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships.
SOL 741 Hz – expressions and solutions/solving problems. Throat chakra
LA 852 Hz – returning to spiritual order, awakening intuition.
XI 963 Hz – Linked to the pineal gland and helps to heal the central nervous system, fosters awakening, oneness and connection, helps one return to its natural state.